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Artist Statement

I use images from the insect and plant worlds to communicate emotions, events, and expressions from our daily lives. Insects appear to have distinct personalities that often reflect who we are as human beings; and plants represent the various thoughts and feelings in our lives. We are very much like insects and plants, technically complex and made up of many components, yet searching for the simple things in life: food, shelter, security, and continuation of the species. I carefully choose the insect or plant that best fits the emotion, event or expression that I want to convey in my sculptures.


In my work, I draw from a wide range of metals and finishes to create the unique look and feel of each piece. I use traditional Metalsmithing methods, such as:  Fabrication, forming, fold forming and lost wax casting, just to name a few.  The various metal combinations influence and inform the overall design and the patinas create a detailed surface. I often use Prisma color pencils which allow me to incorporate my love for rendering, as well as achieve a distinctive look and surface of the work.

Organizations I am a member of: 

Midwest Metalsmiths.png

Member of the Board of Directors at the Metal Museum.

Sherri Jaudes
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